1. A Novel Architecture for Securing Software Defined Networks
    (report) (GitHub) by Parjanya Vyas
  2. SecureOS
    (report) (GitHub)
  3. App2SecApp: Securing Android Apps through Information-flow wrapper
    (report) (GitHub) by Bhagyesh Patil


  1. Security Analysis of Android Apps 
    (report) (GitHubby Prashant Maurya
  2. MySecPol: An Architecture for Safe and Secure Browsing using Client-Side Policy
    (report) (GitHubby Amit Pathania
  3. Security Analysis in Multi-level Databases
    (report) (GitHub) by Aniket Kuiri
  4. Constraints on Permission forMaking Safe App Execution
    (report) (GitHub) by Dharmendra Kumar
  5. Decomposing ABAC into Explicit Combination of DAC and Attribute Constraints
    (report) (GitHubby Sejal Patel
  6. Model-based Security Testing for Web Applications
    (report) (GitHub) by Anbarasan K
  7. SecDroidBug: A Debugger for Detecting Security Violations in Android Apps
    (report) (GitHub) by Gopesh Yadav
  8. OpenEMRx: Blockchain Extensions to OpenEMR for Patient EMR Control & Privacy
    (report) (GitHub) by Anand Kumar
  9. Role of Apps in Undoing of Privacy Policies on Facebook
    (report) (GitHub) by Nivia Jatain


  1. SecFlowDroid: A Tool for Privacy Analysis of Android Apps using RWFM Model
    (report) (GitHub) by Asif Ali
  2. SecHadoop: An End-to-End Privacy Preserving Hadoop
    (report) (GitHub) by Deepali Mittal, Swatish S, Aakash Chaudhary
  3. SecPostgreSQL: A System for Flow-Secure View, Transaction, Sanitization, and Declassification on MLS Database
    (report) (GitHub) by Pratiksha Chaudhary
  4. Security Enhancement over Transient Social Network Mobile Application for Disaster Management
    (report) (GitHub) by Prateeksha Keshari
  5. Control-Flow Integrity
    (report) (GitHub) by Swapnil Raut
  6. Ontology-Driven NLP Based Classification of Malware Documents
    (report) (GitHub) by Mayukh Rath